Sunday, June 12, 2011


Green: I love the color and the concept.

The color makes me think of growth and life and I love being surrounded by it in nature.

The concept I have been a fan of for a while but was not sure how I could implement it in my normal routine. I am getting excited because Adam and I are starting some minor changes that will change how we impact ourselves and the world around us. We have recycled soda cans for quite a while since the city makes it so easy with the curbside pickup. Since we have been talking baby so much, we have been putting extra focus on our health and especially nutrition. We are becoming more conscious of what we are putting in our bodies, avoiding the overly processed foods with trans fats and corn syrup, buying local grain fed beef, and trying to use more fresh ingredients. Because of the focus on fresh foods, I am wanting to grow a vegetable garden next summer. This summer I am going to take everything out of that garden spot and start a compost pile. It will be a great way to recycle yard scraps, kitchen scraps, and paper. If everything goes well with that plan, we will get a rain barrel to collect rain for the compost and the gardens. We have also been looking in to cloth diapers and gently used items for when baby comes around. I know Adam isn't excited about these projects and ideas for the exact same reasons I am, but I am still very glad he is supportive and interested for his own reasons.

Need sleep so I can have energy to conquer the day tomorrow.


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