Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beauty in Growth: Part 2

The growing season is here and I am joyfully watching as our yard is turning into a very interesting little ecosystem. These pictures are of a few of my favorite things that are growing without much attention from us at all.

This is one of the baby apples that is growing on our tree. We do not have very many of them, but I am excited to see how the ones we do have turn out later this season

Here is a baby strawberry that I found. Adam thought there were only weeds in our back garden until I found these. Who knows what else is secretly growing all around us.
According to other people, roses are really hard to grow. But according to our yard, all they need is some sun, rain, and neglect. I am very happy to have them since they are so beautiful and I hope they continue to grow and be happy without us having to do too much.

I still have to plant my tomatoes and other annuals that we got at the store. Hopefully all of my plants will like it here as much the old ones and we do.

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