Monday, May 25, 2009


So it is 6:15 in the morning and I cannot go back to sleep. Buddy is whining, Adam is sleeping, and the cats are exploring. Yesterday we moved into our new house. This house has been the biggest project I and Adam have ever worked on. I wish it was done but, as people keep telling me, home ownership is a never ending process. We need to unpack and settle in but we also need to finish painting walls and trim, packing and cleaning up the old apartment, and getting the 1001 other details done. Hopefully we are able to stay under budget and get all the things done that we would like to do. Unfortunately right now I am just exhausted, physically and mentally. I just want to take a mini vacation where I do not have to worry about all the things that should have already been done. Maybe I can find time today to do that since today is Memorial Day and thus a holiday off of work. Maybe i just need to take the time to watch a movie on our new big TV and forget about the boxes surrounding me. Wish me luck in de-stressing.

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