Saturday, March 10, 2012

365: A Year of Creativity

My brain is tired and I want a nap, but I told myself I would do this post before moving from the couch. I can't seem to catch up on energy lately. I need to go for more walks, they seem to help me feel alive.

I am going to start a year long create-a-day project along side my good friend Christina. I was inspired by an Etsy blog post and a reminder that practice is what moves basic understanding to incredible execution. I invited Christina to join me because I knew that I would get a few weeks in and drop it completely if I was on my own. She also seems to need the extra nudge to think outside her full time job and normal life.

The problem I am having now is figuring out what will be the thing that I create every day? Part of me says knitting because I enjoy doing that and can easily fit it in while working at my job. But then I think I want whatever it is to be quick enough that I can get one done every day. I have lots of different craft/art skills that could use some additional time and practice but I need some sort of focus so I can't hop between them constantly. Maybe I can switch monthly. Some skills I could make a new object every day and other skills I could work on every day but only finish one object in the month. That might work. Later I can plan what the agenda for each month will be. Since we are part way though this month already, I will start with a new object a day. I am thinking about some simple embroidery. I have a few patterns from Sublime Stitching that I want to try.

Hopefully I will post at least once a month to give an update on how the year adventure is going.

Until again, shalom.

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