Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rambling letter of intent

Good morning world! Today is going to be a good day.

My list of things I need to do for my MFA application is getting shorter. I still have a lot of work to do and wish I would have started getting on the ball sooner, but I will get it done in time. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I also start a fibers class today, which I am very excited about. I am sitting in on the Intermediate/Advanced Fibers course. It should help me transition from the knowledge I have from Beginning Fibers and practical experience working with different materials to the knowledge I will need to start my MFA program as a Fibers student.

Writing all these documents about why I want to be a MFA student in Fibers has made me really analyze and question myself. I know I want to get my MFA. I have a passion for learning that I hope is never fully quenched. I desire to push my work and myself as an artist to the next level, and I see that graduate school is a good place to do that. I know I am really enjoying working with fiber materials. The sheen of silk, the comfort of cotton, and the versatility of paper excite me with the potential they have in my work. But who is to say that I was meant for fibers? Who is to say that me moving from one three-dimensional media area to another will not stop with fibers? All I know is what I feel right now. I feel drawn towards the potential of the materials. I can still get my hands deep in the sometimes smelly muck and come out with something beautiful. I wander around the fabric store with a smile on my face, dreaming of all the possibilities. I feel like the themes that are floating around in my head like intimate relationships, femininity, flight, family tradition, and home, can best be released though mediums like surface design, knitting, and paper making. By building up my portfolio, I have been looking though images of my favorite works. Although there are a few pieces that stand out as favorites in various other materials, the pieces that draw me in with their sweet intimacy are the works made with fiber materials.

I think I just wrote most of my cover letter of intent by rambling. That is nice.

Well I shall stop rambling now and go play with the puppy or finish my cover letter. Hope all of you are having a wonderful day as well.


Sarah said...

I love when you manage to write difficult things without even trying, just by rambling about the topic of interest. Seriously. It was also really fantastic to hear *why* you feel so drawn to fibers as a medium, and I'm impressed that you managed to articulate it so well. I can see this becoming not only a letter of intent for your MFA application, but maybe part of your standard artist bio, or an introductory statement for a show.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sarah, it is wonderful when you stop thinking and just write and wonderful words come out. I agree with you, too; you have just written your letter of intent. I would let you in! Of course, I am a bit biased, being your mother and all that nonsense! But, I have read lots of letters of intent and this one stands out.