Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today is a nasty day.

I am sitting here with my puppy sleeping next to me hoping that nothing else goes wrong today. In the realm of bad days it has not been the worst but it still has not been fun. I may finally break out the bee journal I made or one of the many other journals I have laying about and write and draw randomly for a while. I love journals and looking at other people's journals but I am not disciplined when it comes to my own writing.

But back to the subject: this nasty day. This morning, as I was walking Buddy, I found out that one of my good friends lost her job. She seemed to really enjoy it and be getting along really well there. Stupid economy. I hope Obama can actually get the economy back in order before it gets much worse.

Next, while I was driving home from class, my car got in a boo boo with a telephone pole because of the nasty, stupid road conditions. Bad snow! I don't like you! Thankfully I wasn't hurt and only the pole and I were involved. But it is still something that I wished wouldn't have happened, plus if I would have made the right call might not have happened. But I don't have much experience driving on crappy roads, and I have to learn somehow at somepoint.

I can't call it a no good day because there have been some things that have gone well. I made it too class fine, found a parking spot, and did not get a ticket. I got some interesting results from dying my fabric. Jo seems to like my project idea, even if she may thing I am crazy for attempting it. I think it is going to be an okay day overall. I am especially glad that I am not in a horrible mood after my little crash.

Well I hope your day is not a nasty one. Stay warm and away from the snow.

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