Friday, January 9, 2009


Adam is in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronic Show. Although I miss him greatly, these days without him are a great opportunity to get some art done. Since the deadline for my graduate application and portfolio are due soon, it is a great time to get last minute projects completed. I am applying for the graduate program in Fibers which is a fairly new media for me, so I do not have a large collection of pieces to feature in my portfolio. I hope that my work ethic and willingness to learn will out weigh my small amount of experience in the medium. We shall see how the next few months go. I am not sure what the path ahead entails. It could be grad school, a new job, staying where I am, or something completely different.

In my pursuit to make new art I pulled out my wallpaper books from the black hole that is our second bedroom and started flipping through them again. I found some really great floral and bird prints that I have started to cut up and am on the edge of knowing what to do with them. I am planning on going to the fabric store in a little while to find some fabric that coordinates with the wallpaper. I think I will be working with the wallpaper, fabric, wall hanging pillow forms, and stitching. I think I may include some words as well but I am not sure what they will be yet. I hope it all comes together in time and creates something I am proud of. We shall see.

Hopefully I will be taking images of my work from the end of the fall semester soon so that I can put it in my portfolio, on my website, and on this blog. Oh, speaking of the website, Adam got me a new web address for Christmas. It is . Adam is working on revising it so check back often to see what changes we will be making and the new art that will be going up.

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