Monday, January 26, 2009

So Close!

I feel like I am so close to having something on two projects that I am working on.

First is my graduate school application. I finally got my images shot of the new and some old work last night. Now I just have to finish my digital assets sheet and get everything on the website and on the CD. Adam was a great help with shooting the images. He was the one who actually took the pictures while I set up the work and ran about doing random last minute things that had to be done (like gluing the head back on a birdie). He did a good job. He doesn't crop things the same way I would, but that is one of the many things Photoshop can fix. He also doesn't take as much time messing around as I do which is a great benefit. Here are a few of the shots we took last night.

These are two of the newest pieces that I have worked on recently. The top one is titled Nesting Pillow and the bottom one is Spring.

The second project I feel so close on is my wearable art project for my fibers class. I had started with two different ideas for pieces and now I have narrowed it down to one, a bluebird corset. I have also thought about how it is going to go together and what it will be made from. I think it will be made from a base layer corset with probably fabric feathers arranged on top. I am still thinking about a set of wearable wings, but I am not sure if they will be as "wearable" as the profs are wanting. I have gone away from my crazy Bibian Blue style outfit (, which would have been absolutely gorgeous, to wanting to do something that will actually weave in with my other work. I am at a roadblock figuring out exactly how I want the project to end up. Maybe I will dream about it tonight. That has happened occasionally.

Well it is time to get back to being productive. Have to get a few more things done tonight before I head off to bed. Goodnight snowy world.

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Anonymous said...

I love the Spring art!!